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With up to forty children in our centre, there is a lot of laundry that needs washing!  We currently have an 8 kg washer that we’ve been using for over 8 years. Due to the high demand of this machine and the near constant use, it has recently been back and forth to maintenance for repairs.

We would like to replace this machine with an industrial, 16kg washer / dryer unit. A dryer would dramatically increase the amount of laundry we can get done, especially in the winter when the cold and rain prevents wash from getting dried properly.

We have done our research and identified the machine that is going to work best for our needs. We ask our friends, supporters and people looking to spread the love to help us get something our centre desperately needs: An industrial washer and dryer!

The old machine will be recycled, sold for scrap / parts, or donated to a family or organisation that needs a machine for light use.

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Nabila Kham Donated R 4,000
Ismaiel Mohamed Donated R 100
SHANAAZ hassen Donated R 100
SHANAAZ hassen Donated R 100

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