Our goal of service is to address the process of social change and development of all the children who have lost their parents, through a holistic and well formulated strategic development and economic plan.


We are committed to the social, physical, emotional, psychological and most importantly the spiritual upliftment of all children deprived of the opportunity of their natural parents, through the establishment of a stable and caring family environment.


To give orphans and vulnerable children hope and a future.

Baitul Ansaar Child Care Centre was established in April 2008. We are based in Beacon Valley, Mitchel’s Plain, about 32 Kilometers from the City of Cape Town. Mitchell’s Plain is one of the most impoverished areas in South Africa. Mitchell’s Plain has the highest rate of violent crime in South Africa. It is also home to a disturbingly large number of child headed households. This area, largely due to it’s history, has been devastated by high levels of unemployment, poverty and violence. The groups most affected by all of this are children, vulnerable children and orphans.

BACCC is a registered temporary safe care centre, in the heart of Mitchell’s Plain. We are home to approximately 42 children. Our children have all suffered from abuse, abandonment or neglect. We have 20 full time staff that work around the clock to provide all the children in our home with the best possible care.

We at Baitul Ansaar Child and Youth Care Centre (BACCC) are passionate about our extraordinary children and about the community we live in. We are here to to do our part to cultivate change in the lives of our children, and to be a part of the transformation of our community.

We are a Child and Youth Care Centre dedicated to providing a safe and happy home to our staff and children.. We act as a place of safety and as a centre for short term care.)